Team of experienced brokers joins OTC Europe, will focus on brent crude derivatives

LONDON – (19 May, 2015) – OTC Europe, LLP, today announced the addition of three new members to its Aalpha London team and the formation of a new desk operating in the brent crude derivatives market, providing pricing execution in dated brent contract for differences (CFDs) and futures contracts.

Jonny Barrett, Chris Clark and Chris Sharp will operate in the Dated Brent market. Alongside the gas, oil, futures and options desks at Aalpha in London, New York and Houston they will provide real time access to pricing liquidity pools in multiple markets.

“There is great opportunity and demand for what Aalpha Energy does in the European market,” said Jonny Barrett, broker on the newest Aalpha desk. “OTC Europe has quickly become a major player in the market, and its legacy of broker expertise and deep liquidity is only continued through our addition to the Aalpha London team.”

The three brokers complete an already experienced Aalpha London team that has become one of the leading broking desks in the dated brent market during its first year of business.

Individually, Clark has nearly 20 years of experience in the oil brokerage market, from starting out at Merrill Lynch broking energy futures in a private client office to his last post at Tullett Prebon working on the dated brent market.

Before joining Aalpha London, Barrett was also at Tullett, where he worked in the dated brent market. Formerly in credit and property derivatives markets, Barrett has experience in all areas of real estate development and investment.

Sharp, who comes from Tullett like his two colleagues, helped to build a crude oil desk at the company after a successful 11 year career in private banking. He has dealt with some of the industry’s leading oil traders and has cemented himself as a senior broker in the market.

The Aalpha Energy group also has an operational satellite office in Geneva, where the dated brent market has a significant presence, a live audiovisual link to Aalpha Houston, and an office in New York. The group is working to establish a Singapore office to have around-the-clock coverage to all crude oil and products markets.

OTC Europe’s office is located at 17 Moorgate, 4th floor, London, United Kingdom, EC2R 6AR. For more information about OTC Europe or its divisions, visit or call +44 (0) 20 7726 8601.

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